Sustainability at our core

Kaleidoscope is a building for the future focused occupier with sustainability at its very core.


Design and Construction

Sustainability was a key area of focus during the design and construction of Kaleidoscope with the environmental impact of the site being continually monitored throughout construction. As a result of this we have been able to achieve multiple impressive targets.

100% of
construction waste
diverted from landfill

BREEAM “Excellent”

  • 100% of construction waste
    was diverted from landfill
  • 100% of construction waste
    was recycled
  • 100% of timber used in the
    construction of the building
    was from sustainable sources
  • A site specific plastic free initiative
    resulted in a reduction in single use
    plastic of 1 tonne
  • The site was powered by 100% renewable
    sources for a 12 month period
  • There was a significant saving in
    embodied carbon in the foundations of
    the building as a result of developing on
    top of the new Elizabeth Line structure
  • A BREEAM “Excellent” rating
    was achieved
  • An EPC ‘B’ was achieved


Our approach to sustainability does not stop now that the building has been completed. Kaleidoscope strives to operate sustainably throughout its lifecycle.

5,000 tonnes co2 saved per year

Multi million pound investment
into minimising emissions via the
latest technology and equipment

Sustainable heating
and cooling now and
in the future


The entirety of the building’s heating and cooling is generated by Citigen which is one of the largest urban heating and cooling tri-generation plants in the UK.

Located on Charterhouse Street within the old Port of London Authority buildings, this expansive system, comprising a 10.5km network, provides enough power for 9,000 homes and saves a total of 5,000 tonnes of co2 per year. Connecting to Citigen eliminates the need for Kaleidoscope (and all other connected buildings) to house and operate their own energy centres and manage the associated exhaust. Citigen’s critical mass also means that it is able to invest heavily in the very newest heat and energy generating technologies for the benefit of not only the connected buildings but for the environment as a whole. In 2014, E.ON (owners of Citigen) completed a multi million pound investment to refit the Citigen energy centre, replacing older combined heat and power engines with new, lower carbon gas fired CHP engines.

During 2020, E.ON have commissioned studies with the aim of adding the latest geo thermal and heat pump technologies to the energy centre which will see a steep drop in emission levels. Kaleidoscope occupiers will benefit from this ongoing investment both now and in the future. Unlike a building with its own plant which is unlikely to be updated or replaced during the building’s lifespan, occupiers of Kaleidoscope will benefit from continual research, investment and innovation by E.ON, ensuring that their heating and cooling is being generated by the most sustainable means throughout the duration of their occupation. Kaleidoscope is proud to be a part of this forward looking and progressive approach.

Located at London’s newest and most convenient transport hub

110 cycle spaces with lockers and spa quality showers

Intelligent building controls

Low water consumption

Intelligent Building Design

The comfort and wellbeing of occupiers is more important today than ever and Kaleidoscope is designed to provide optimum comfort throughout the working day.

  • A building wide lighting control system is in place complete with daylight sensing to eliminate unnecessary lighting usage. Lighting throughout the building is via a high efficiency LED system to keep costs and power usage down.
  • Floor to ceiling windows throughout the building flood all working spaces with light, ensuring an optimum sense of space for all occupiers.
  • Low water consumption taps, showers and WCs are installed within the building. Rainwater attenuation is also in place.
  • A demand driven variable speed pump control is in place on both the heating and chilled water systems to eliminate waste and excess cost.

A Sustainable Location

Kaleidoscope is optimally positioned on top of London’s newest and most convenient transport hub, to facilitate the very best in sustainable travel to and from the office. Located above the new Farringdon East Elizabeth Line station, occupiers will benefit from immediate access to the high speed east-west journeys that this new transport link will provide. For north-south travel, the newly upgraded Thameslink operates a 24/7 service from Farringdon, serving 115 stations with its new fleet of air conditioned trains. With Circle, Hammersmith and City and Metropolitan underground trains also running from the adjoining Barbican Station, Kaleidoscope really is one of London’s most well connected buildings.

For those who prefer to cycle, run or walk to work, Kaleidoscope boasts 110 cycle spaces, complemented by 110 lockers and spa-quality showers and changing areas.


From its location and surroundings to its superior facilities and amenities, Kaleidoscope has the wellbeing of occupiers at its heart.

5,000 sq ft communal roof terrace

Located in a new cultural hub
for London

Bespoke art work and
superior finishes

Green Space

Charterhouse Square is immediately adjacent to the building providing a green oasis within which to take a lunchtime stroll or enjoy some afternoon sunshine.

For a breath of fresh air without even leaving the building, Kaleidoscope’s 5,000 sq ft 6th floor communal roof terrace gives all occupiers the perfect place to escape the desk and work al fresco.

Kaleidoscope has a biodiverse roof including a number of bird boxes to promote local wildlife.


The area immediately surrounding Kaleidoscope offers something for everyone. The Museum of London’s forthcoming relocation to Smithfield Market continues the ongoing evolution of the area, with a new concert hall, revitalised retail offer and a wholesale reimagining of the meat market buildings all in the pipeline.

Kaleidoscope sits at the heart of London’s Culture Mile, promoting a diverse year long programme of events and opportunities for local occupiers and visitors to enjoy the wealth of culture and heritage that the area has to offer.

The double height reception area at Kaleidoscope features a bespoke art work by Dutch artists De Makers Van. Considered design features and material choices throughout the building ensure that every day at Kaleidoscope feels anything but ordinary.